Week 5 – Paper Prototype

by rivartub

This week was all about giving our idea a physical shape. We built a paper prototype which enables us to show other people our application flow.

Building Process:

Here are some impressions of our process. We used an old juice carton as a basis and created a frame that’s supposed to look like a typical display (advertisement window) at a bus stop. The frame is created in such a way, that we can change the displayed content by sliding in and out a screen from above. With pasteboard and Musterbeutelklammern (whatever the English word is :X) we built a movable stickman. Afterwards we created the different screens and used post-its to be more flexible – e.g. the position of the bubbles is not fixed as they are floating around.




We start by using a moving bubble to win the user’s attention and to lure him closer to the screen. Once the user is close enough, he can select the difficulty he wants to play in. The game starts and the user gains points by destroying bubbles. Over time bubbles spawn faster and once too many bubbles are on the screen, the user loses. A final highscore screen gives the user the opportunity to take a picture of himself associated with his score.



IMG_8666 IMG_8667




We were expected to map at least three common user tasks / interaction sequenes of our application in our prototype. These are our tasks:

  1. The user can initially interact with our application as he is approaching the screen.
  2. The user can select a difficulty.
  3. The user is playing the game.
  4. The user can take a picture for his highscore.

All of these tasks are basically possible to proceed with, though  in a primitive way.

Next week we’re going to use our prototype to get some user feedback, so stay tuned.


Task Breakdown:

Karl – Paper Prototyping, Writing Blog

Ray – Paper Prototyping

Richard – Paper Prototyping, Writing Blog

Yvonne – Paper Prototyping