Week 2 – Ideation/Persona

by rivartub

This week was all about brainstorming and thinking about our target user group. The first thing we did was creating a mindmap of our ideas, starting in the middle with a cool and interactive app, however it will look like. We thought about games, infotainment, some social aspects and of course fashion. So here we go:


We discussed a lot and figured that the bubble game idea would be the most exciting one to implement and play. A general project description could something like this:

Project Description: “Bubble Wars”

Let’s be honest – everybody likes bubble wraps, those tiny little buttons you liked to pop when you were a child. After years of protests of environmentalists against all those bubble wrap rolls at every bus stop in the city (obviously wasting plastic for no reason), we found a solution – Bubble Wars. It’s an interactive game you can play on any public display.

The idea is to pop all bubbles to clear the game field. If you are not fast enough the bubbles will return and delay your victory. You can pop the bubbles with your hands and feet by touching them. It is even possible to play with multiple players. Some of your popped bubbles will reappear on your opponents game field.

Can you withstand the bubble invasion? Accept the challenge  and do not let them get the upper hand!



The last thing we had to think about was a decent persona to embody our target group. Therefore we developed a persona skeleton which will describe it. We thought about  “Student Bob”:


Task Breakdown:

Karl – Brainstorming, Project Description, Persona

Ray – Brainstorming, Digitalizing Mindmap, Persona

Richard – Brainstorming, Project Description, Persona, Writing Blog

Yvonne – Brainstorming, Persona++